Caffé Città


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Simple, yet sophisticated Italian dishes, fresh and delicious ingredients to accompany a memorable first date or a successful business meeting.


Hot. Relaxed. Upscale.

Prime Steaks and Seafood

Savor a steak prepared to perfection, selected from worldwide awarded producers in a sophisticated atmosphere, accompanied by the most exquisite wine from our walk in cellar.


East Mediterranean Cuisine


Enjoy an upscale interpretation of your favorite Oriental dishes and be pleasantly surprised by the
stylish presentation. Decide on food for eyes and soul in a conveniently downtown location.

Pool Side Grill

Refresh. Revive. Rejoice.

Be surprised by a tropical paradise in the midst of the city, luxuriant vegetation and a vast pool, a very welcoming, yet upscale setting where you can enjoy a light meal, a classic barbeque or a wide selection of delicious cocktails, while basking in the sun or lounging in the shade.


Lounge Bar

Taste. Feel. Hear.

Discover a modern, stylish venue that morphs into an amazing ice bar by night, an unique experience at the heart of Bucharest. Lounge and sip one of the spectacular vodkas from the bar’s selection.

Dark Blå

Upscale late night bar

Chic. Cozy. Exclusive.

Designed for aristocratic leisure, while savoring a single malt whiskey accompanied by an extraordinary cigar. The music selection puts the finishing touches on the exclusive ambiance of the place.